Guide -> SEARCH not returning correct results.
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Today, the husband watched just the last few minutes of 'Knowing' with Nick Cage. He asked me how to schedule a reminder when the  movie would show again (so he could see the beginning). While this is not the order I usually watch a movie....whatever!

On the GUIDE, used the Remote to go into VOD.

Used the SEARCH window and entered 'k n o w i n g'  but nothing returned.

Used the SEARCH window and entered 'c a g e' since I knew the actor but nothing returned.

Went to the laptop for URL  and searched for 'Knowing' and it told  me Sun 6 & 2:30.

Went back to the TV, hit FAV1 which I programmed with all my premium channels and manually went to Showtime movies for 2:30pm and selected the movie 'Knowing' and sceduled a reminder.

WHY OH WHY, isn't the SEARCH feature on my GUIDE working on my HD settop box?

PS. Please give me a better remote control. I'm killing batteries with all this up/down clicking. Wish I had a QWERTY keyboard to enter letters. When you try to use the GUIDE for NEW RELEASES, there is no logical order the movies appear!  You cannot simply go to letter 'K' to find 'Knowing', you have to burn out 2 AA batteries a week clicking the down arrow...

I know, I need to buy an iPad!!!!