HBO GO Problems

Can someone please tell why  I can't use this "free"  service even though I pay for hbo/cinemax????? I have been on the telephone with everyone from technical support, to financial services and even the billing dept. Only for someone to tell me to go to to log on myself.  Once I did that I still received the same error message"subscription required"?????? Either there is some false advertising going or I am being billed for full services and only receiving partial services. Help or Brighthouse here I come!!!!!!

Re: HBO GO Problems

the way that I do it is I go to

i sign in there with my username and password that I use to look at my bill and pay my bill (if you can't pay your bill with your log in then you're using the wrong username)

once I am in there, there's an option for me to surf around hbo and espn etc.  i click on hbo and It starts playing.

try that