HBO On Demand-The Wire not showing up in listings


According to the HBO On Demand website, there should be several episodes from The Wire season 2 available to HBO subscribers on HBO On Demand, but when I look at the On Demand listings for the show (in both HD and SD) The Wire doesn't show up.  I tried searching the On Demand selections, but it didn't come up there either.  I'm not sure if this is somehow localized to my TV, or if this is a widespread issue--anyone else not able to find The Wire in the On Demand Listings?

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Its definitely local.  I'm in VHO7 and we have the next 6 episodes of the Wire Season 2 on demand.   If they don't update it in time - its supposed to end begining of May - you can always watch it on HBO GO which is free for all who subscribe to HBO on Verizon.