HBO Promotional
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I recently got notice that I am able to view HBO and HBO VOD free of charge till the end of the year.  This appears to be true.  However, when I attempt to view a VOD selection, the button to watch says "subscribe now".  So, I am concerned that if I watch a VOD selection, I will be signing up for HBO which I don't want; at least for now.  Does anyone know what will, in reality, happen if I watch a HBO VOD selection?

Re: HBO Promotional

I even noticed it on my account, HBO as promotional.

From when until when is my question. Perhaps I need to pay more attention to some notices that may have been posted here. Regardless read below.

I never gave anyone permission to add anything promotional or otherwise to my account. I have cable cards and no Verizon hardware, so you can't say the STB or DVR did it!