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What environment?.

First make sure you have cleared your Browser cache.

You are asking peers here.  The following is a solution I have posted many times.

A bunch of things lead to problems loging into HBO GO and many other Online Channel sites.

  • You must get HBO (or whatever channel you are trying to use) from Verizon
  • At least the first time you may first have to sign out of the Verizon site.  It gets confused easily.
  • You must allow third party cookies
  • For PC's you must be running Flash, Flash must be allowed to store info for third parties.  I don't know what is used on Apple IOS or Android devices instead of FLash.
  • You must not have your Browser options set to delete Information when exiting Browser.  Flash takes this as deleting information when exiting a site.

The general way it works is for you to go to HBO GO site.  Ask to look at something and it switches in a FRAME pointing to VERIZON and you signin. Verizon stores some information in flash and returns. That information must still be there so that HBO accepts you as authorized.