HD 7100 1 STB doesn't output thru HDMI

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Just received HD 7100 1 STB and after successful activation I can not access the STB setup menu by following the instructions in the manual which calls for connecting the TV and STB via HDMI,  turn off the STB and manually press Menu on STB while leaving TV on.....then the Menu is supposed to show on the TV. No menu shows on the TV regardless of what format the TV is config'd to receive. I can access the STB in the regular FIOS menu and config the video settings but no where is there a setting for activating HDMI output from the STB. I am only able to receive video by connecting the tv  to the STB via coax. Am I missing a step or do I possibly have a defective STB? I do receive an HD signal using coax but I would sure like to connect using HDMI.







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Re: HD 7100 1 STB doesn't output thru HDMI
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Try pressing power then select then menu.  Instructions are old and I guess they didn't change them to match the changes Verizon made a while ago.
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Re: HD 7100 1 STB doesn't output thru HDMI



First, I don't believe you are getting a true HD picture via coax from the STB. HD signals are only sent via the HDMI and component cable connections.


This may be a silly question, but have you changed the "input source" or whatever they call it on your TV? Getting the input via the coax is one source, the HDMI input is another source, and you need to change to that source. I don't think any TVs will automatically switch, otherwise you could not have a different device inputting live to the TV at the same time.


 And, if you can't get the HDMI to work, try the component cable option. You need five cables, three for the video and two for the sound.

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