HD Picture very unimpressive

I am a Verizon Fios subscriber and have been for about 11 months since leaving DirecTV.

From the start of the service I've never been particularly impressed with the HD picture.  (Samsung LCD HD 50" / LG 55" 4k ULED as of November) There is definite tiling / pixelation when you are anywhere near the TV and the color is just lifeless.  The picture appears as though it is very compressed and appeared this way on BOTH TV's on ALL inputs / picture modes etc.

Yes I am watching the HD channels too.

It was further confirmed recently when a family member signed up for the same service a few miles away and their picture is AMAZING.

Not to sound like a tool, but I worked for an ISP and FTTH provider for the past 10 years so I have eliminated many variables from the equation...

1. 2 different Set top boxes.  HD Box and then HD DVR Box. Both configured to output 1080i 16:9

2. 2 different TV's. Samsung LCD HD and then recently the LG 4k UHDTV.  THOROUGHLY experimented with all settings and adjustments and inputs.

3. Multiple different HDMI Cables directly from STB to TV.  (I understand it's a digital signal AKA all or nothing)

It just really looks like the compression method used is really hurting the picture quality.  I feel like the fact that we are in a multi tenant building and the relative who I was comparing to earlier is in a single family home is relevant.  I realize that this isn't like an analog signal that would degrade after being split, but I do feel that whatever compression / bandwidth conserving rules within our building or community's network they have in place are hurting the quality.

Anyway - I'm not optimistic that this will change, but I had to at least try.


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