HD STB changing Channel issue
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I just added a HD STB (QIP 7100) to my service and whenever I change the channel using the channel up button the channel changes but the display shows the original channel i was on.

If I down up to like 3 channels away and leave it on that channel and the display disappears, and go to change the channel again it does the same thing. Just displays the channel i was on and changes the channel.

Is it a problem with the STB or maybe a signal strength problem from the Router?

Any Sugeestion would be appreciated.



Re: HD STB changing Channel issue
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Unplug the power from the box, unscrew, check and reseat the COAX at the back aof the box and at the wall jack if applicable... If you know where the COAX Splitter to that room is located, do the same thing there... screw it all back tight, power it up and test it out....... If still not resolved, you can unplug the power from the STB and the router for a minute or so, boot them back up and try once more.... If not, eset the router with a paperclip or pen in the reset hole on the back of the router for 15 seconds and reboot the box again.... If that still does no cut it, contact tech support and have them RESET the box, and go from there
Re: HD STB changing Channel issue
I am having the same problem on both my HD STB and HD Home Media DVR. is is getting frustrating.. I will try what you mentioned but it seems to  have started when 1.62 was installed.