HDMI Audio Extractor


I have an Epson projector that I would like to use with my FIOS STB.  When using an audio extractor, the video and audio feed fail to pass through the device to the projector.

I plugged the STB directly into the projector and it worked fine.  I plugged a fire stick into the extractor, and that worked fine too.

Question is has anyone else had this issue using an HDMI audio extractor, and if so, is there a specific brand that would work with Verizon?

Thank you for your help.

Re: HDMI Audio Extractor
Community Leader
Community Leader

Try changing the output of the Fios box to PCM. If it's a Fios one box power off at box hit ok2x, left arrow, select user menu, additional HDMI settings, change audio to PCM, hit  ok. Almost the same for 1100 series except power off box, hit menu, ok quickly, then do same.