HDMI Audio stop working

Just recently my tv stop receiving hdmi audio after the moto qip  7100-2 cable box was rebooted.  (new cablebox firmware?)  I have a sumsung UNES8000 TV.  I know it is not the tv or the hdmi cable, because I have tried other hdmi devices  and they work perfectly.  I got a cable box replacement, but it still doesn't work.

I am thinking this is a HDMI handshake issue between the two manufacture products.  Is anyone else having the same issue?  At this point I have to run the audio cable to an external speaker which degrades the TV experience. 

Re: HDMI Audio stop working
Community Leader
Community Leader

All channels?  if its some channels, you my have to go into the "hidden" menu and change HDMI settings. 

Hidden menu

With your STB powered on, hit "Power, Select, Select" quickly in sequence from the front panel.  This sequence is time sensitive.

Find the HDMI settings and change the audo from Dobly Digital to PCM.

To exit the menu, hit "Power" to turn off the STB.