HDMI stopped working
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A few months ago I had my sound bar hooked up with all hdmi, hdmi to sound bar then to tv that worked for about 3 months then one day I turn on all equiptment and get nothing after pulling out my hair what I have left troubleshooting with Verizon and Vizo they all blamed each other.

If I turn all the equiptment on I get no picture now if I unplugg the hdmi cable from the box and plug back in everything is fine till I turn everything off, repete process again.. I had to go hdmi to tv then opitcal out to sound bar everything if fine now but I dont understand why hdmi stopped working, its a Motorola 7100 hd box.

I even switched to another box that worked for about 1 week then it started doing the same thing. Any help would be great.

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