Hallmark Channel Website Not Allowing Viewing

I have watched the Hallmark Channel website on my computer several times--as recently as 1/30/20. It is in my channel package. On 1/31/20, I was asked to select my provider and login to that account.  I was taken to a login page that said verizon at the top, where I logged in.  A message splashed on the screen saying that Hallmark Channel is not included in my package and would I like to shop now. I can watch both Hallmark channels through verizon on my tv at home, but sometimes when I am away from home I like to watch it on my laptop or desktop at work.  This issue happens on my computer when trying to access Hallmark Channel directly, or through tv.verizon.com, and also when I try to access it through their app on my phone.  After wasting a huge amount of my time, Verizon chat told me that it is a Hallmark problem and that I should contact them. It seems to me that it is a communication problem between Verizon and Hallmark. Any suggestions about who to contact to resolve this?

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