Have Fios TV-- NOT HDTV
I have the Fios TV normal service (not the HD service). If I buy a HDTV and connect it to the settop box, can I still use an HDTV with the NON FIOS HDTV service?  Will the set top box work okay with the Sony 26KL5000 if I don't subscribe to HD?
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Re: Have Fios TV-- NOT HDTV
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As long as the TV supports 480i resolution (which AFAIK all sets do) it will work.  You will get a 4:3 picture with "pillars" (side bars) and can use the TV's stretch mode(s) if you want to fill the screen.  I would advise using the S-Video output from the SD STB as it will provide the best quality signal for SD.

Also, if it has a QAM tuner you should be able to get the local SD, local HD, music, and PEG channels.