Having trouble with TV box rebooting and remote delay
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Maybe it's me, but Verizon has got to be the worst provider for TV that I have ever foolishly paid for!!  Customer service is NON-EXISTENT and the service is absolute garbage.  I love watching a movie all the way until the last 10 minutes for my box to spontaneously decide to re-boot!  What in the world is that?  Or the fact that there is a 5 second delay between a remote input and anything actually happening.  Or wait, how about the near useless guide that freezes every third use.  Better yet, pause live TV and then lose the ability to un-pause it.  What exactly am I paying for?  Seems to me like we have a breech of contract, because there is nothing that Verizon does consitently other than take my money every month.  You can't get a rep on the phone, and when you wait 45 minutes and finally do, the answer is always climb behind your entertainment center to unplug the box.  Should we just start unplugging it every night and wait the 4 minutes it takes to reboot every time we want to watch TV? Or the 18 minute hold time for an online chat about the problem?  But my money is promptly debited from my account every month!!!  I HATE VERIZON, AND WANT OUT OF THIS CONTRACT!

I want a credit for each day, time and event that this product doesn't work as advertised.  And please note, I have become the biggest proponent against anyone switching from Comcast, Cox, Direct TV to Verizon.  This service sucks and is a monumental waste of money!!

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I think Comcast still wins for WORST EVER.

But Verizon is certainly attempting to be a contender.


100% correct.. Verizon is in the communication business but cannot figure out how to tell ALL of its Maryland customers that their system is big time DOWN.  Been waiting  over an hour and hlaf, still no person to speak to.  How about in stead of lousy music, you have a general service annoucement for Maryland folks, no TV, enjoy the rain. 

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Same issue with many missing/freezing channels. Verizon is proving to be as incompetent as comcast.


I have been on hold for more than 50 minutes with verizon support....Helloooooo is anybody there? I think not.

I tried the phone after playing "Lets go in circles" with verizon internet supprt. It gave an error and took me back to where I started. I could not find any chat support which I remember using in the past.

How does the consumer get satisfaction? It has been over an hour now and this forum is the only place I have found ANY useful information concerning my current verizon partial outage.


Have been trying for 2 hours to chat or speak with a representive, have tried everything but smoke signals!!! half of my channels arent working, picture freezes on the ones that do, I agree worst customer service ever, and I thought comcast was awful!!!

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Wow I could have wrote this!!!!! I'm having all those issues plus today not all of my channels are available!!!!