Help with my DVR - cant reach chat!

Hi FIOS - Chat wait times are over 28 minutes - that's not good! Update - I waited 28 minutes and the hold time was still over 20 minutes longer!!!!!!!!!


Maybe you can help me instead  - My DVR can't keep the guide active for more than 24 hours without rebooting the DVR and the router. It can't access VOD at all and you cant connect with it from Myverizon ever. I have the same problem with the other nonDVR boxes in my house losing the guide - the Internet and TV channels seem to work perfectly. This has been going on for months.

On top of this the DVR is starting to make loud hard drive whirring sounds that change in pitch all the time - like the hard drive is failing. Could you please send me a new upgraded DVR and we can see if it solves the problem?