High Grade Coax Splitters
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Hello All,

I am looking for some information here. I am running high quality RG6 quad cable to all my fios tv set top boxes. Obviously the single source of failure is a splitter. Not that i am having problems but i currently have a PDI 6 way splitter. What is a better quality or some of the best splitter's that you can use for fios? I have been looking for a web site where i can buy good splitters. I know home depot has the IDEAL ones that are 5-2.4 ghz which is well within range even though i know you only need 5 to 1000mhz. Can someone recommend websites where to buy a good 6 or 8 way splitter that are high quality and will last? I would like a 5 0- 2.4 ghz range or better if possible. The PDI splitter just seems cheap.