Homeland S5:E1 missing from VOD + Streaming issues + Bookmark issues

MASSIVE FRUSTRATION on my end for the last hour+

All I want to do is watch Homeland S5:E1

Searching for Homeland via VOD, gives me 17 pages of results with no way to sort, or further filter.

Reading through the results, I do not see S5:E1

So I jump on my PC, and see that, in fact it is available. I bookmark it, and when I check the bookmarks on my TV, it's not there.

After 15 minutes on the phone with customer support, they tell me that web bookmarks don't propogate to DVR bookmarks.

Bottom line: Homeland S5:E1 is available for online streaming, but not on my TV via VOD.

Oh, and even though I have no desire to watch it on my laptop, I gave it a shot on the off chance that I can pump it over to my Chromecast. When I try to watch on my laptop, I get an error that Silverlight isn't installed. Fair enough.... I install Silverlight, and still get the message. Same in Chrome, same in IE Edge, same after rebooting. UGH total failure.

So to recap:

PC bookmarks don't talk to DVR bookmarks

Homeland S5:E1 available online, but not VOD

Streaming fails with a Silverlight missing error on multiple browsers even after a reboot.

Top marks Verizon, thanks for a frustrating afternoon.

Re: Homeland S5:E1 missing from VOD + Streaming issues + Bookmark issues
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Community Leader

So I just went to VOD- Premium- Showtime- Showtime Series-Homeland.

Has every episode from S1:1 to S5:4