Hope to know bt September 2010 , whether its staying with FIOS or back to Time Warner Cable
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Hope to know bt 9/2010 if I am going back to Time Warner Cable or sticking with FIOS . From the way it looks , FIOS 1 I am told will NOT most likely happen to NYC Area Now . DC Circuit email update about Case # 10-1062 , No Verbal Argument has been set yet in regards to Cablevisions Appeal of the FCC Loophole filed March 15, 2010. Time Warner Cable by September 2010 has Implemented NY 1 , NY 1 HD , All NY RSN HD (MSG HD, SNY HD, YES HD, MSG + HD 0 , . Question will MSG 2 and MSG + 2 be HD this coming season ? Time Warner Cable 4G Road Runner Mobile will be in NYC by the Fall / Winter , Data , most likely followed by voice . (ONE BILL) . TWC can also maybe use Sprint 4G or Clearwire 4G WIMAX Phones by the Winter 2010. Verizon has ONE BILL now , FIOS 1 is in the Question again as also await the DC Circuit Courts Decision on MSG HD and MSG + HD . I like Verizon , but if they lose the battles and Mobile services are coming to TWC in the coming months , with already things in place , then its time for TWC again. Sorry . Anyone hears any news of DC COurts and FIOS 1 NYC , post it here and it will render my decision on Going back to Time Warner . What Verizon has to do also is eliminate the Brooklyn PEG Channels from the Staten Island Channel Lineup. There is really no reason why they are there. Thanks all and God Bless. Alot of topic / conversation from others are Quantity , and Quality. Well Quantity is my answer for this end of subect.