Hoping the FIOS will not put Al Jezeera on our system
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Fellow FIOS people, is there any news on whether Verizon is going to add Al Jezeera? How do we avoid this awful channel? Time Warner has already stepped up. Have you heard anything re Verizon? I can't get an answer from the company.

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@tkenda11 wrote:

I would rather have another vapid shopping network than this anti-American/anti-western/anti-human dreck.

I would never choose to pay for Al Jazeera, but Verizon is so diverse and politically correct that they miss the fact that in all probabiity the large majority of their subscribers would be offended by the inclusion of this content if they ever watched it.

Give me 24-hours or Barney and Friends before this garbage.

Can you clarify what's "anti-American/anti-western/anti-human" about Al Jazeera? Looking at their site, it pretty much just looks like news.

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A lot of things look like news, e.g., Pravda and Der Stürmer.

Start with the fact that Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar. You can't even say that about CNN.

You can be fed small doses of poison without noticing. Then you're dead.

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This is separate from Al Jazeera America.

This is an online media channel that looks like they have a lot of videos.

We all have different tastes.

Some will like Al Jazeera. Some will hate it.
Same is true for Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

A lot of people would only like to pay for channels they watch and not others.

Maybe one day that will come.

Until then, you have to pay for channels you don't like and so do I.

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I thought about cancelling my FiOS TV service when I noticed that I could get THE CHURCH CHANNEL and FOX NEWS but I decided to just deal with it.

BTW: Al Jaz has some of the best reporting of any of the news channels. 


It does seem like there are many channels and even duplicate channels in the packages that I would not choose to have.

However, upon further investigation, you will find that Al Jazeera America is an American news channel not:

'anti-American/anti-western/anti-human dreck.' In fact, if anyone were to watch it, they would conclude that for themselves. More like BBC World News than CNN Fox or MSNBC. I'm actually glad to have more competition in the news broadcast market. 

And with Verizon's pro business and right to work aggressive stance in the marketplace, I sincerely doubt any 'pollitically correct' agenda.

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Al Jazeera is the most slanted "news" to be found. I'd even trust MSNBC, CNN, or the Cartoon Network ahead of such trash.