How can I setup a password.

Hi was wondering if there is a way to setup a password so that my family members don't accidently rent or purchase any movies. I'm hoping there is a way since they have already rented two movies so far. 

Re: How can I setup a password.
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Hi Alex2107,

There is a way to set up a Purchase PIN. Just follow this path:

Menu > Settings > Parental Controls > Control Purchases >

If this is the first time that you've accessed this setting, you will have to create a Parental Control PIN to access the Control Purchase function. From here you can choose whether to make your Purchase PIN the same as your parental control PIN, or a unique number. I'm not sure if this is a universal setting, or if you have to set it up on each STB. I'll let you figure that out for yourself.

Now you'll just have to remember what that number was and where you wrote it down.

Good luck!