How do you open 2023 interior gateway box?

How do I unlatch right side of interior Verizon box (containing the ONT and perhaps battery) to swing the door open?  

Is a special tool or technique required?

I am afraid to apply too much force to latches to avoid breaking the box.

I want to make an additional direct coaxial connection to the box.

November 2023 Verizon installed large square black wall box in closet of my condo covering access to unit phone and internet wiring.   Box is ventilated, hinged on left side with some type of latch on right side.  Power, internet, phone and coaxial wires go in bottom of box, but connections concealed by box cover door.


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Re: How do you open 2023 interior gateway box?
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Community Leader

I'm drawing a blank as to which enclosure is being referenced. Could you take a few good pictures of it and post them here?

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