How to hook up another TV to my FIOS service

I'm getting a TV for another room and want my FIOS TV service available there. I tried to order the installation online. There was a price quote of $64.99 for a technician to come out and do the work. I selected "1 outlet" from the drop down menu, and clicked the "Save" button (which was the only option). This sent me back to the same page I was at before, and my shopping cart was still empty. I tried this numerous times on different computers. Is the website not working? Is it possible to order an additional FIOS outlet online?

I then tried calling Verizon, and was quoted a price of $155 for installing a new FIOS outlet. According to the salesman, this included "$90 for labor" and "$70 for parts." He didn't seem aware that 90 + 70 is not equal to 155. I told him that the same service was advertised online for $64.99, and he said, "Well, order it online then." I told him that the website wouldn't let me order it, and he replied, "That's not my problem." I asked him what parts I would receive for the $70, and he said he didn't know. He suggested that I call the service department. He transferred me to the service department and I asked the same question. The person I talked to said she didn't know the answer, and she suggested I call the sales department.

Incidentally, there is currently a cable TV wire in the room where I want to put the new TV. It was installed for a previous owner of my house by a different cable company. Can Verizon use this old cable for FIOS service? Is it possible for me to just order another set top box from Verizon and then connect it to my FIOS service using the old wire?

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Save the money,. It is not that hard to connect. The wire may or may not be connected to the rest of the wiring in the home. You can easily find out by moving a cable box or the router to that coax line and see if it works. If it works you are good. If it is not, trace the wire back to where it is not connected and screw it onto the splitter. You may need to replace the splitter if there is not an open terminal to screw it onto.

Re: How to hook up another TV to my FIOS service
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During the installation it is $65. The rep is setting it up on a repair ticket which is $91 to come to the house and $65 to run the coax line.