How to make your old FiOS remote control your sound bar.
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This article describes how to set your old Verizon FiOS remote (non-FiOS TV One) to control your sound bar.

This solution should work for anyone whose:

a.) TV and sound bar are the same make (e.g., Samsung).

b.) sound bar has the ability to be controlled by the TV remote

1.) Make sure your Verizon FiOS remote control is set to control your TV volume +/- and mute functions.

2.) Read and follow your sound bar's instructions on how to set it to be controlled by your TV remote control. (For my Samsung, it is to hold the "SOUND" button for 5 seconds.)

3.) Verify that your TV remote now controls your sound bar.

4.) Check to see if your Verizon remote now controls your sound bar as well.

5.) Remember to set your TV sound control to external speakers so that the TV's speakers are off.

6.) Sit back and enjoy the fact that you no longer need to fumble with 2 remotes, or waste money on universal remotes anymore.

(It's been a very long time since I've been on these forums. This was a problem whose only solution was to buy a universal remote. Ran across this solution just this morning while trying to not buy another one. Hope this helps others.)