How to return Fios Quantum DVR
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Hi all,

I have recently switched my DVR to Tivo using Fios cable card and I want to return the three set top boxes (three room quantum setup) that I don’t need anymore. When I went to my account to return boxes, I realized that the drop-down menu that says “How many HD boxes you need?”, the numbers starts from 1 and not 0, i.e., I can change the number of boxes from 3 to 1, but not to 0.  How can I return all three of my boxes (quantum DVR and two satellite boxes)?

Thanks in advance.

Re: How to return Fios Quantum DVR
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Community Leader

Have to call in to place an order.

Just tell them you have TIVO w/ CC can no longer need any STBs.

They should send you boxes to return.

Or if there is a FIOS store nearby, you can just go in and return there.