How to talk to people

One of our 3 DVRs has died and needs to be replaced... Is it possible to contact a PERSON without waiting for hours, or does Verizon only employ robots? If they only employ robots, is it possible to submit a support ticket?

My time is more valuable to me than the service they provide.

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Their time is also valuable. It just depends if you want to go by the rules in place as for you and me and other customers.

google a Verizon Fios store location and call them up and see if you can bring the set top box into their location for a swap out.

you can try twitter for Verizon support to see if they can assist. There is also a chat feature at which maybe faster.

or call the 1-800-VERIZON and wait as the rest of the customers are doing.

or call early in morning between 9-5 EDT to get faster service.