How to use old coax for perfect TV pictures.
After years of pixelation and missing channels on TV's at the end of the longest runs of old RG 59 with amps and splitters, I finally found the source of the problem. With 7 TV's Verzion said we needed two DVR/Media servers. I think each media server can handle just 5 TV's.

All of the upstairs TV's were connected to a media server in the Master bedroom at the end of a long run. The downstairs TV's were connected to a media server (in the DEN) connected to a short run of coax. I never had a problem with my family room which was also at end of a long run of old RG-59. It was connected to the DEN.

I moved the Bedroom media server to the basement TV which has the shortest run to the ONT and moved that STB to the Master bedroom at the end of one of the longest runs of very old RG-59.

The result, I finally have all channels and a perfect picture on all TV's. To test my theory, I removed all amplifiers and left the old non-MOCA splitters in place. Pictures are perfect.

It seems the media server delivers the signal to the clients. Put that unit on the shortest run to the ONT for the best picture and full channel delivery.

I had numerous Verizon techs trying their best to solve the missing channels and pixelation problems. Their solution was correct, replace the old RG-59. Actually, I was just getting to tackle that job yesterday. I had the cable, connectors and newly purchased MOCA splitters.

As I was planning the job and watching changes to the SNR on each TV as I swapped amps and splitters, I had the realization that every TV connected to the Master Bedroom media server had the SAME issues on the same channels. That's when I realized I had to get a better signal to that unit. The only way to do that was to swap it with a TV on a short RG-6 run.

I'm finally a very, very happy FIOS subscriber. BTW, I did not change the name on the Bedroom DVR. We're just too used to seeing DVR names: Den and Bedroom.

We have two TV's on one box. In the kitchen is a STB and a TV in the kichen. We added a screen porch with a TV on the other side of that kitchen wall. The inside TV is connected with component cables. The outside TV uses HDMI. I bought two remote IR eyes and plugged them both into the STB using a stereo headphone splitter. We can control the STB from both rooms. When my wife and I want to watch the same show, it works perfectly. If I want to watch a different show, I move to the den. I know how to keep the peace.
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Glad your system is working or you.

It would be great if you could design and post in your My Photos the schematic 

of your set up.

It will eventually save you a lot of work when answering other posts in the future.