Incomplete OnDemand seasons

I have recently switched over from Comcast.  i had the X1 dvr service.  I was in the middle of marathoning The Wire.  Well, much to my dismay, upon switching to Fios, the seasons were missing episodes.  And one to three episodes in any given season were pay to watch!!  What crap!

This is a common thing apparantly. The seasons of Walking Dead on Fios on demand are randomly peppered with pay episodes while the other episodes are free...  I just want to know the logic behind charging customers to watch certain episodes.  We are paying monthly subscription fees for on demand programming, and then charged again to watch the 3rd episode of a show that was free for the first two epidodes... Now i go to watch American Horror Story the cult and it is missing the first episode!!!  What is wrong with Fios!?  How is it acceptable to paying customers to be treated this way.  I dont remember invomplete seasons and random charges for episodes of on demand programming...

I cant be alone here...

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There is already a long thread on this.

If you know someone that currently has X1, ask them to compare what episodes they show as avalaible for free that Verizon has a charge (check the same day as they can change over time).

We have been told that Verizon is not charging on their own, but it is from content providers.

No one has posted comparisons that I know of showing Verizon is different from other providers.