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Currently I have FIOS for my telephone and internet service and have DirecTv for obviously my TV service.  Here is the question.  The DirecTv splitter is on the exterior rear of my house and there are 2 RG6 cables leading from the splitter to each of 3 TV's.  The ONT is in the basement in the front of the house.  Could the tech just run an RG6 from the ONT to the splitter in the rear and use the existing coax cables or would I be better served to run new coax from each TV to where the ONT is mounted.  Will I need only one cable from each TV or two as is the case now. The install will be 1 multi room DVR and 2 HD set top boxes.  Thanks in advance for your help

Re: Installation Advise
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It would be best to use different RG6 that way there's no interference with the frequencies on the line. What we put out on coax may adversely effect the TV signal and vice versa.