Insufficient Bandwidth Messages and Buffering Issue

I have 300/300 up and download speeds and a network extender 2 feet from my smart tv and both wifi connection and hard wired checked by a tech from Verizon who said it was all hooked up and connected correctly and still get messages saying insufficient bandwidth. I am able to watch both Amazon Prime movies and Netflix movies on my Vizio smart tv but once or twice a week after a message says "insufficient band width" and asks if I wish to continue, I respond yes. Another thing that happens on both Amazon and Netflix, when I first start a movie the picture quality is very very poor as it 'buffers' for the first 10 to 15 seconds. I am so frustrated. I have what is supposed to be one of the top smart tv's and the state of the art equipment with extremely fast connection speeds from the 'supposed best' provider, following their directions exactly, double checked in person by their tech and still I have band width messages. I am the only one using bandwidth in my home and I am only using one device at a time. Figure that one out ladies and gents!!

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That message could be subscription based. Netflix and Amazon due to the volume of customers at times has those issues.

fios provides the connection to the internet, they then let the consumer decide what to hook to it. Be it smart tvs, laptops, desktops, printers etc. what have you. They are not responsible for the devices just the service to use your connections.

my suggestion is to go and login to those services (Netflix & Prime) on a computer via wifi or hardwired to see if that situation occurs on them. Years ago i had a spinning globe issue on netflix and went to the error code on netflixs site. I spoke to them and they were blaming my connection. I said its your end and not mine. After 1/2 the service returned to normal. Many times its the services and not your internet speeds.

use a different device and see if it still happens.