Internet/TV Stopped Working, Falsely Running on Battery Power?

Both my internet and TV stopped working simultaneously tonight. I went over to the box and the power light was blinking green. The instructions indicate that this means the TV/internet were running on battery power, which doesn't make sense because my building had power. It also doesn't make sense because neither the TV nor internet were working, even though the box was running on "battery power." 

I reset the box and removed / reinserted the battery, and now the power light is green and everything seems to be working. 

What happened and/or what caused this? Any suggestions? 

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Community Leader

Definitely sounds like it was working on battery power.  When it goes on battery power the internet and TV service will go out in a few minutes.  Only the Phone service contiues.

Obviously something went wrong with the power supply or wiring.  Apparently you got it to reset, but if it happens again you should contact Verizon.

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