Is FiOS On Demand good? (Thinking of switching from Cox)

I've been very frustrated with the On Demand service through Cox and am thinking of switching to Verizon FiOS.  I would like to know if FiOS On Demand service is "good" compared to Cox.

My major current complaint with Cox On Demand is that when I pause a program and return later to resume that program, it will sometimes restart at the beginning.  Since fast forward is disabled for most programs, this is extremely frustrating.

I also have the following issues:

  • It takes 1 minute for the NBC menu to load, and then after loading, the system often fails to respond to commands I enter on my remote control, such as the Page-Down button.  After 30 seconds or so the system will then respond.
  • Often when I select the program to play, I get an error message that the program cannot be accessed.  The program will typically play on the second attempt, however with the user interface, there is about 10 second delay before I can make the second attempt.
  • Sometimes the system displays what I call the "marching dot" for 45 seconds (or longer) that indicates that the system is processing my command to play a program.  At times, the program had not started after 2 minutes, so I canceled.

I read the messages at  .  Some of the complaints in that thread do not apply in my case: I watch in standard def (SD) and do not watch on mobile appliances.  Waiting for 10 days for a program to appear would bother me a little, however what would bother me more is if the program expires within only a week or so after becoming available on On Demand.  Contributor jaddieo reported that On Demand is slow at times, but is it as slow as the times I cited above?

PS: I have these problems with "regular" On Demand programs that are available with my cable TV Service, not pay-per-view on demand.  If it makes any difference, I am in the northern Virginia area.

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