Is the PQ on the 7100 dvr worth the hassle of trying to switch out my 6216?
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Is the SD PQ alot better on the 7100 dvrs? Has anyone actually had the opportunity to compare the 2?  I have the 6216 DVR now and the 1.62 upgrade and I'm in Florida. The PQ did seem to be a little better right after the upgrade but not anymore. The SD PQ is much better on the 36 inch tv with the standard set top box and I've found myself watching it more and more. The HD PQ doesn't seem as sharp lately either. Last year I noticed a program on HDNET that was so sharp and crisp it looked better than the DVD, they reran that show last night and the picture didn't WOW me like before.  

  My HDTV is a 55 inch Sony 1080p. DVD's still look the same so I don't think it's the TV.  I use the HDMI connection I've tried the component cables(red,green blue ones) and the different settings 480i,p,ect.The 7100 were having other problems but from looking around on the forums it looks like the last update fixed the sound glitch and the handshake problems. But  I'm still afraid I'm going to change one problem for another. Any advice? Any other things I could check?

Re: Is the PQ on the 7100 dvr worth the hassle of trying to switch out my 6216?
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Picture quality will not change. Both boxes are the same except that the 7216 box has an extra rf output and the 7216 uses a cable card system. Otherwise there is really no difference between the two (picture quality wise anyway)