Issue with Mini One after FIOS Extender Install?

A couple months ago I had FIOs installed in my new home. There was no coax on the main first floor so the technician installed the router and main cable box in the basement. I voiced concern at the time that it would be ideal to have the router and main cable box in our living room so that we could get solid wi -fi to both the second floor and the basement, but he assured me we would not have issues given the new router (G3100) strength.

He installed the main FIOS One box and router (G3100) in the basement where the coax is located. The FIOS One Mini was installed wirelessly at our main TV with an HDMI into the TV.

Within a week we were experiencing a weak network on the first and second floors and on occasion would get a message on the mini box that the signal was weak. After multiple calls to tech support which simply reset the router and boxes I opted to get an FIOS Extender (E3200). This was placed on the main floor where the mini box is located and is linked wirelessly to the main router in the basement.

Since installing the extender the wi-fi has dramatically improved on the first and second floors (we use the majority of our devices on the first floor). However, now the mini box is freezing, locking and/or or pixelating. Verizon tech support has done standard reboots on the main one box and the one mini, which does not solve the issue and keeps telling me that everything looks ok on their end.

Every time I go through the troubleshooting guide it either hangs on the connecting screen or I get an error code which reads: "Applications.Storage Initialization failed. Press OK to reboot your STB." When I do that, it just runs through the troubleshooting again and throws the same error code or hangs when saying connecting. (Photos of the errors attached)

Is the timing of installing the extender related to the mini having these problems?

The wi-fi is still working well and the main cable box in the basement is on and cable remains to stream fine to that TV.

Verizon is now suggesting I need to spend $150 on having a technician come out and install a coxial connection for the mini box and they don't have appointments until a month from now which means no TV on our main TV. This seems like it should have been taken care of at the initial installation particularly in light of us voicing concern to the technician at the time that we would like to have our router and main box on the main floor of our home and he told us it was not necessary.

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Can you run an ethernet cable from the extender to the mini and then take the mini off the wireless network? That should fix the mini connection issue.


You can’t run and Ethernet to the mini from the extender. Won’t work