Issues Streaming the NBC Olympics?
Specialist - Level 3

In order to watch the live streaming content offered by NBC at, your computer must be compatible with the NBC Olympics site, which means that you must have a recent version one of the top web browsers, as well as the latest Adobe Flash player. For full details, please see the NBC Olympics FAQs.

Your system settings are key
If you have altered your standard web browser or Adobe Flash player security settings, you are more likely to have issues with

Please check the following items:

If you still have issues, you might try:

About sign in errors
If you are a Verizon FiOS TV subscriber who has MSNBC and CNBC on your package, but you see error messages like those below after you sign in with your user name and password:

  • "NBC Olympics is available to FiOS TV Prime package subscribers. To continue, you will need to become a MSNBC and CNBC subscriber. MSNBC and CNBC are available as part of the FiOS TV Prime package. Click Continue to upgrade to this package."
  • "To watch videos, you will need to subscribe to FiOS TV with NBCOLYMPICS."

Please Contact Us so that we can take steps to ensure that your account accurately reflects your FiOS TV subscription status.