Lack of starzplay connectivity
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I've been having this same problem for over a week now. Starzplay will not connect at all!!!!!!  I've called every department Verizon has available, uninstalled, reinstalled afterwards and still no results!  I've checked the connections and all is well there.  We have one laptop and two desktops, counting my desktop and Starzplay works fine on the other two computers. All Verizon could tell me was to await a phone call in 24-72 hours-why don't they  just admit that they have no idea what's going on..?

Re: Lack of starzplay connectivity
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Sorry that your running into this. We can rule out it being a problem with the Starz play service or a router problem because its working on other computers. Its also not a problem with the starz play software because you uninstalled and reinstalled it fresh. Theres something about the computer itself preventing it from working. Have you changed or upgraded any of your firewall software recently?