Last minute notice of Technician no longer coming to appointment

I noted in perusing this forum that there are many similar complaints about scheduling, cancelling, and rescheduling service appointments because Verizon customer service schedules too many calls for each technician, gives priority to health care and businesses over residential customers, and apparently does not employ enough technicians to provide service in a timely manner.  It is also extremely difficult to get hold of an actual human being to express a need or complaint. 

We were without residential phone service for 2 or 3 days because of these issues. We have sent an email to the technician's supervisor; however, the problem was with customer service--not the technician.  He did a good job once he was able to get here.

Whoever is monitoring these forums for Verizon needs to note that the type of problem we experienced is common and it should be communicated to someone at a high level (such as a vice president) who is responsible for customer service.  Your policies for scheduling service calls is about the worst I have seen from any vendor--and by the way part of our problem was with inside wiring for which I have been paying a maintenance fee for many, many years. 

If you provide me with the contact information for the VP who is responsible for customer services, I will gladly communicate directly with him or her.

Verizon service issues:

1)      Monday, July 27: Called Verizon to report the phone problem. Had to deal with the automated that requested a PIN that we didn’t have. Eventually, I got to a person (using the phone jack outside the house a different Verizon phone number) that attempted to diagnose problems in the house. When that didn’t work, he scheduled a service appointment for Tuesday, July 28, between 8 am and noon. Later I received a text message confirming an appointment between 8 am and 10 am.

2)      Tuesday, July 28: No one showed up by 10 am. I contacted Verizon to find out when someone was arriving, and was told someone would arrive by noon. Ultimately, I received a text message saying that someone would come on Wednesday, July 29 by 11:55 am.

3)      Wednesday, July 29: I received a text message that someone would come between 9 am and 10 am. No one arrived. I made several calls during the day, the responder always someone would arrive later, by noon, by 3 pm, and finally between 5:45 pm and 6:45 pm. Finally, the service man called me and arrived around 5:15 pm. He did an excellent job of repairing the problem

4)      Generally, the reasons given by Verizon service for the delays were that some higher priority problem came up or that an earlier job was taking longer than expected.

5)      Dealing with Verizon’s automated phone menu was an absolute pain. (an understatement!)

6)      Finally, I heard a voicemail with an automated message to evaluate the service, but the message did not provide a call-back number.  Here is our feedback on the service.

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