Latency in Changing Channels: The Worst!!! May 2019

May 29, 2019-  I have the most up-to-date DVR as well as FiOS, top-of-the-line everything, and it's still horrible.  

The latency in changing channels, especially if there is already a recording going on (supposed to handle multiple flawlessly), is insane.  I have to press the remote SO MANY TIMES before it actually takes effect.  And NO, it's not the freaking batteries because the DVR itself blinks to indicate it has received the signal from the remote control.  God forbid it would be starting or ending a new recording (let alone two) at the beginning or ending of a show (9:00, 10:30, etc.).  

It's just unuseable!

I even sat next to a Verizon engineer at a wedding recently and he felt the same way and could only chalk it up to "legacy systems".

As soon as I can get what I need by "cutting the cord", I will.

I can't believe it's 2019 and we pay so much for such an inferior product.


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Community Leader

You have the FIOS One box?

I ask because the remote that comes with it is bluetooth.

If you are using the legacy remote with it, it could be interference with the signal. Have you tried relocating the box to see if it makes a difference?
Or try rebooting. I do find that rebooting (not just turn it off and on, but full reboot) once a month makes the box much more responsive at times.