Limited internet tv services

I am trying to watch TV on the internet, and the show/station i want to watch is unaviaible to me, why is tv so limited over the internet information highway? DON'T MAKE SENSE..............

Own, ABC, CBS and NBC I can not see over verizon's internet service and for that matter, i should be able to watch anything under the ON DEMAND SERVICES and can't get that.

What is going on this is madeness and crazyness for you to have limited services for as much as we pay a month in which you have rerun movies for two three months before they are changed out........

what is really going on with your sad, sad, sad services.............

Who ever your techs are and manager of these services should be FIRED!!!!!!!! your customers pay to much for the limited services we receive that is so unfair to the ones that struggle to pay their own bills, only to make sure yours are paid......

I think the Public Utility Conmission should get in on this for what you are charging us all, maybe like Sprint and some other companies have to pay people back for the excessive over charge for incompantancy of your employees, maybe you will learn to take better care of said people who support verison services...........

Re: Limited internet tv services
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Community Leader

Why do you think Verizon is limiting your viewing?

The choice of the networks to allow programming live (or otherwise) is strictly theirs.

Only time you can balme Verizon is if the website requires a login and Verizon is not a choice.

Re: Limited internet tv services
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Whether the shows are available on the internet is determined by the networks who owns the shows. Verizom has nothing to do with it.

For instance, CBS can be watched on the internet if you subscribe to "CBS All Access", which you would have to pay a separate fee to CBS. CBS chose to do business that way. Some channels like MSNBC, CNN which I watch on the internet at work is available on the internet for free because they chose to do business that way.

You can fire all the techs at Verizon you want, but it won't give you CBS or any other channel on the internet for free.