MBC 1759 and 1760 Program Schedule Wrong for 3rd time in 3 months
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Yet again program schedule for 1759 and 1760 are wrong.  I wourld provide a snapshot off the Web Program schedule but the Image attach on this forum doesn't work. 

The wrong program schedule means DVR can not record the programs we want to see (i.e., equivalent of setting DVR to record HBO Game of Thrones but not recorded because program schedule is wrong).

This seems to re-occur every couple of weeks on Monday when the programs are updated.

I pay $25/month for 4 Korean channels….my wife and I work so we rely upon DVR to record. 

Last time I reported this (2 weeks ago) I spent 2.5 hours on chat arguing with Vz tech.  I KNOW this is an MBC issue…but Verizon is selling MBC services is responsible to get it fixed.   Vz needs to open a ticket with MBC.  It would REALY be nice if VZ actually made an effort to permanently fix the problem with MBC.

I would prefer to open a ticket via Email (like I do with most of my other vendors) that way I can include a snapshot of the Vz Program Schedule that shows it is WRONG but Vz doesn't provide an Email address.

I hope someone from Vz Customer Support reads and responds to this post.

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This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

Unfortunately, you will need to raise issue with Verizon.

Or you can try contacting MBC as well to see what there response is.

Verizon, like most other providers, don't have much pull with content providers and what they show. If they are feeding incorrect info to the companies that provide guides, they have to answer for it.