MFF: Mom Friends Forever on NickJr - Inappropriate

How shocked was I to watch Dora the Explorer on NickJR to have a couple of foul mouthed mothers on right afterwards talking to their kids about sex, sexual positions and oral sex. And then to have a clip come up of one mother making a stroking sign and saying the way to keep a man happy is stroke his ego.

First this show is rated PG

It's on NickJr after kids programming.

Yes There is a warning before the show but my kids watch NickJr, I watch it with them and to see this content I was completely flabbergasted. Who would program this on a kids channel??

Now their talking about jobs and raising money and they are talking about a phone sex job and (female) egg donation...

I think the show uncovers some uncomfortable things but I think it needs to be on another channel one that doesn't do kids programming..

Has anyone else seen this show on NickJR? What are your thoughts?

Re: MFF: Mom Friends Forever on NickJr - Inappropriate
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Have you complained to Nickelodeon? I don't see how this is a Verizon problem. I agree with you on the inappropriateness of the content, but it seems to me you should be complaining to Nickelodeon.