MLB StrikeZone, IPLT20 Added. Gol tv Hd, Fox Deportes Hd To Be Added. 10 Widgets To Be Dropped.
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MLB strike zone has been added at channel 834. The Pepsi IPLT20 has been added at channels 1020, 1021. 10 widgets are going to be dropped on may 6, 2015. The widgets that will be dropped are the associated press widget, the mlb widget (baseball), the nba widget (basketball), the nfl widget (football), the international soccer widget, zona latina widget, twitter widget, facebook widget, sudoku widget and the fidelity investments widget. If you were to take a look at the widget wall and tried to launch any of these 10 widgets then a message will pop up that on may 6, 2015 they are being discontinued. For the people who have been asking for gol tv hd and fox deportes hd those channels are being added in the next few months. If someone has the spanish package then they will pop up as part of the channel lineup at no additional cost but f they do not have the spanish package then they will have to sign up for the ultimate hd. If after gol tv hd has been added and someone is still unable to access gol tv hd in english then they will have to sign up for the spanish package in order to have access to gol tv hd in espanol. It is not a good sign for fios tv customers that the most popular widgets that have made fios appealing to a lot of customers over the years which gave verizon an advantage over the local cable company are now being dropped and it would not surprise anyone if comcast or directv ended up offering those widgets as tv apps for their customers.