MLB extra innings

I am moving to Huntington Beach (92649), does anyone know if the PADRE games will be available if I purchase MLB extra innings?  I read they might be blacked out.  THANX

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Hello jakeric...MLB package is an excellent sports package and offers up to 80 live out-of-market MLB games per week and up to 10 of those will be shown in HD. As far as black outs are concerned we have no control over that. I posted a good explanation on how black-outs work. Hope you find this helpful....

In broadcasting, a blackout is when certain programming, usually sports, cannot be televised in a certain media market. The purpose is theoretically to generate more money by obligating certain actions from fans, either by making them buy tickets or watch other games on TV.

As a result of contractual agreements between professional sports leagues and broadcasters, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may sometimes require to blackout some games of sports teams. The Sports Blackout Rule protects the holder of the exclusive distribution rights to a local sporting event (i.e. a sports team). The sports blackout rule is only applied if a local TV broadcast station is not carrying the local sporting event.

Therefore, if a local TV broadcast station does not have permission to carry the local game, then no other broadcaster's signal displaying the game can be shown in the protected local blackout zone. If a national broadcasting service like ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX has national rights to broadcast a game, customers may not be able to receive that game, depending on their local market. All sports packages through every provider are subject to blackouts, there are no exceptions. 


Blackouts occur typically within 50 miles, and can include provinces and territories. Each league has differed blackout rules that can change at any time. Blackouts can also apply to Pay Per View sporting events and can change without notice.  

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