MR-DVR not working properly

I just got setup with the MR-DVR yesterday -

I am supposed to be getting the multi-room DVR package free as a new customer

The boxes were reset, and I get the menu option for DVR on my second box - non-DVR.

However, when I go to programs is says nothing is recorded ( I have 50% of my DVR filled with recordings).

When I go to list DVRs nothing comes up.

When I run the quick fix program nothing happens.

I have tried unplugging the power on the second box, the technician said he did everything he could think of and that it could taek 10 - 20 minutes for everything to connect up - that was 4pm yesterday.

Am I missing something or has Verizon not set something up correctly?

Re: MR-DVR not working properly
Master - Level 3

If your second box is a non-HD one, you will not see HD recordings. You can only see and watch standard def recordings from the seconds non-HD box. To see if this is the case, go to the DV itself and pull up the recorded programs. If this shows 50% free space and theres no recordings, then there is a problem. If you need further assistance, please send me a private message.