Media client loses connection
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I have the enhanced fios quantum. I have the MI424WR router.

The coax comes from the wall to the Moca splitter: one for the VMS and the other to the router. So far I'm good, no issues. For the other TV I have a media client (MC) IPC1100. The problem is with this box.

It just doesn't work. Every minute I get the lost connection screen, to check my cables etc. I have tried everything. Even a technitian came and all wiring is correct.

I tried the TV setting 480i, 480P, 720i, etc....

I get nothing.

Any suggestions of what could be the issue or what could I try next?

Re: Media client loses connection
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Community Leader

How do you split cable to VMS and IPC?

I assume you have checked connections at splitter to see if it is tight.

How long and waht type of cable was used for connection to IPC?

Re: Media client loses connection
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You could be having a moca issue. Make sure the lan coax light is on when it happens. also you can try moving the router into the room with the ipc. Use the coax line to connect the router and connect the IPC with ethernet to router lan port.