Migrating soon from Altice Optimum to FIOS with 2 TIVOS
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In a few weeks we are jumping off Altice Optimum on Long Island (woodbury system) to FIOS with 2 TIVO's on the modern interface, a ROAMEO and and a BOLT.  Both with cable cards.  Just want to review what happens.  Yes, we get the installation, remove the Optimum cable card from each, and if up and ready otherwise, insert the new FIOS cable cards.  Are the cards pre activated?  Do we go through Guided Setup before putting the new card in?  Obviously zip code stays same, and TIVO should offer FIOS as a choice.  Then the card?  

Now as I understand it, TIVO should understand the change in channel assignments for our existing programs and switch to them, though I've no doubt some will need to be fixed by hand.  Will the channel numbers be the same as they are on the FIOS STB?  Is there anything else I need to know?


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