Missing ultraviolet titles

I am missing quite a few titles from my Ultraviolet account. Ultraviolet has informed me that the reason for missing titles is that they dont have an ultraviolet logo on Verizon's end. 

So how do I go about watching the movies I have paid for??? 

My email to Ultraviolet and their response below:

Of the 22 movies in my ultraviolet library, only 6 show up in Verizon's menu.

1. Argo
2. Justice league Throne of Atlantis
3. Justice League Teen Titans
4. Batman vs Superman
5. Batman vs Superman extended cut
6. Lego Movie

The folliwing titles are missing:
1. Matchstick Men
2. Pay it Forward
3. Running on Empty
4. The Lorax
5. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
6. Boss Baby
7. How to Train Your Dragon 2
8. Gone Girl
9. Prometheus
10. Catching Fire
11. Mockingjay Part 1
12. Tarzan
13. Paddington
14. Rio 2
15. The Croods
16. The Hunger Games

Any help you could offer me, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

UltraViolet CustomerCare (UltraViolet Customer Care Team)

Sep 19, 3:31 PM NDT

Hello Bethanne,

Of the titles provided the following are not showing an Ultraviolet logo on Fio's service meaning they would not appear from your Ultraviolet library:

  • Boss Baby
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Gone Girl
  • Prometheus
  • Catching Fire
  • Mockingjay Part 1
  • Tarzan
  • Paddington
  • Rio 2
  • The Croods
  • The Hunger Games

The remaining titles should appear on your Fios account. Please contact the Fios customer support for this issue.

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This is a peer to peer support forum.

Contact support at 1800verizon or twitter @verizonsupport.

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I have the same issue and Verizon support seems to be beyond USELESS. It's a 100% Verizon issue only they don't seem to understand it.
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I just received an email message from Verizon that I need to log-in and renew my permissions for Ultraviolet, which I did, and now here is the Verizon message when I try to do this:

Link UltraViolet & My Verizon

Sorry for the inconvenience but you must be the primary account holder and have Fios TV service in order to link your UltraViolet™ Library to your Verizon Fios account.

NOTE: I am the ONLY person who uses this Ultraviolet account. On Ultraviolet's end it says my account is linked successfully with Verzion FiOS.

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Community Leader

Is your Verizon login the one that belongs to the primary account holder?