Mobile Devices & Active / Removed Devices

I'm having a hard time trying to view anything that is stored on my DVR via my Samsung Galaxy Tab A because it is not appearing in the devices list when younger through the menu: Settings; System; Mobile Devices. My dilemma is, I wish to clear the list of mobile devices and start over. However, I don't think that removing the app from my device and reinstalling will be a simple fix. 

Can anyone help?

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Community Leader
Community Leader

I beleive there is a limit to the total number of devices allowed (4 or 5).

So you will need to deregister some devices to allow new one in.

It is done so that you can't share with a large number of people.

And I beleive that if you remove a device there is a limit to how many times you can add it back before it is blacklisted for a time.