Mosaic View - Multiple Channels on One Channel

Hello group,

Just moved from Optimum (Cablevision) in The Bronx to FiOS this past December. I opted for Voice/Data/TV package with 1Gb/s symetric data. 

So far I love the services. All working as expected. One feature I had with Optimum was somethign they call "Quick Views" which allows you to tune to channel 600 and set up a set of up to 9 channels to be displaied in a 3x3 matrix at once. Audio is from whichever channel is highlighted. It also allows tuning to any of those channels from the highlighted channel. 

I loved this feature for news and sports. I could set up different sets of quick views. My News one allowed me to keep track of multiple news channels and listen to the one that had an interesting story.

For sports it was a similar experience. Great for Football and NCAA. 
With a 75 inch TV the experience could be quite satisfactory even without tuning a channel full screen.

Is there anything similar to this on FiOS ? I have not been able to find any information by searching. 

Thank you

Re: Mosaic View - Multiple Channels on One Channel
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Community Leader

Not as of yet.

Nothing announced.

Not even PIP.