Motorola QIP6416 DVR is an Energy Drain

My HD DVR, Motorola QIP6416, consumes over 30W of electricity even when I turn "off" the power button on the front panel. You can still hear the hard drive spinning and the top is warm. Are there newer boxes that work better? I understand the that the unit can't turn off completely because it must know when to record scheduled programs. However it shouldn't consume this much  electricity in standby mode. It's costing me over $40 a year.

Re: Motorola QIP6416 DVR is an Energy Drain
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Actually my measurement of the QIP6416-2 puts the draw at about 40 watts (Triplet 9000 series with watt meter probe).

All that turning off the device does on the DVR's is to shut down the audio and replace the video output with a screen saver. There is no measurable difference in power consumption between 'on' and 'off' that I was able to measure. I doubt the 7216 is materially different.  Figure a 6416 or 7216 consumes about 30KWh per month. The ONT is about 20 watts. The only way to shut off these devices is to pull the plug, which is definitely NOT recommended. If you are modest consumer of electric power (heat, hot water, stove and dryer are all gas powered), the ONT and a few STB/DVR devices can represent a sizeable portion of your total electric bill!

IN answer to your question, the 7232 is considerably 'greener'. I measure it at  about 25 watts, again, no measurable difference between on and off. The only real caveat with the 7232 is the display is different, and a LOT brighter. I traded my 6416 for a 7232 and saw my electric consumption drop very slightly (about 10KWh/month).

Hope that is helpful.