Movie Package Ultimate HD warning
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So a little over two years ago I changed the TV package to Ultimate HD because a household member wanted to 

watch hockey games. Now that that family member has moved out I was trying to figure out what TV option would 

work best for us. Along the way I found that the Movie Package Ultimate HD I have been paying for all this time is not

needed for Showtime. Showtime is included with Ulitimate HD. The only thing that $11.99 add gets you is Stars & Encore. 

I have always wanted and and am willing to pay for the orinal programming of HBO & Showtime. But no one around here is watching movies on these channels. So just a warning, if you added this package at one time to get Showtime, you no longer need it if you have the Ultimate HD TV package. 

Wish me luck removing it. Anyone reading around here knows what a rat hole I may be going down. 

Re: Movie Package Ultimate HD warning
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People shoud pay more attention to the different tv packages you can get.But if you had the ultimate package verizon should have known showtime was included in that package and should of told you you only had to pay for starz. maybe verizon will give you a credit of some sort if you ask ? BTW right now you can get any of the premiun channels for half price so if you still want starz it should only cost around $6.99 a month  for 1 year! I almost made the mistake of paying for the movie  package until i realized showtime was included  and i didnt want starz at the time.